Qbic is the result of a lot of thinking, debating and sketching of what a city hotel could be; one that breaks the rules and makes people smile.

An astonishing level of change has swept through the world over the last few years. But the hotel experience is no different than it’s ever been: stuffy, over-priced and lacking soul. We’re here to change all that. We’re curious, imaginative and friendly, and we think there are lots of people just like us seeking a hotel with personality in the middle of the city.

We believe in something better than what’s currently out there. A place that celebrates life rather than sucks life out of it. A hotel that’s built on creativity and a belief that you don’t have to accept the conventional. Somewhere that sends you away with fun stories and ideas, and is easy on your pocket.

Welcoming Character Since 2009!

We’ve created a new kind of affordable hotel by ripping up the rule book and creating what we think is the best city hotel you could imagine.

We’ve chucked out expensive minibars, charging for WiFi, bland food, miserable rooms and uncomfortable beds. We like to be locals wherever we are, have a bit of thing for original and beautifully designed furniture and hate paying stupid prices. You’ll see and feel that when you stay at one of our cosy and affordable hotels.

How To Build A Qbi

Our Clever, Cosy, Crashpad.

We almost drove ourselves crazy designing our vision of the perfect hotel room: beautiful, sustainably built, affordable, fully integrated and the comfiest room in the city.

Each part can be brought through a doorway making it ideal for adaptive re-use, or new builds alike. Using our
patented technique we can go from shell to fully functioning hotel room in 6 hours.

Sprinkle a few hand picked independently designed items and you’ve got yourself a unique hotel room loved by all (pretty much).

Everything You Would Expect

for us, these are just the basics!

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About Qbic Hotels | Explore Qbic Hotels & Our Unique Room Design
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