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Qbic Rules the world

Qbic is the result of a lot of thinking, debating and sketching of what a city hotel could be; one that breaks the rules and makes people smile.

An astonishing level of change has swept through the world over the last few years. But the hotel experience is no different than it’s ever been: stuffy, over-priced and lacking soul. We’re here to change all that. We’re curious, imaginative and friendly, and we think there are lots of people just like us seeking a hotel with personality in the middle of the city.

We believe in something better than what’s currently out there. A place that celebrates life rather than sucks life out of it. A hotel that’s built on creativity and a belief that you don’t have to accept the conventional. Somewhere that sends you away with fun stories and ideas, and is easy on your pocket.

You’ll see all of that when you come and stay with us. But we really hope you get a lot more. If we’ve done our jobs right, you’ll have a welcoming, unique and unexpected experience at Qbic and make it somewhere you come back to again and again.

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Qbic London | Rooms from £58 Qbic Food Qbic hotel bed & pillows yellow Qbic London | Rooms from £58 Qbic Food Qbic hotel bed & pillows yellow

Explore me!

Qbi Room. The clever, cosy crashpad.

We almost drove ourselves crazy in designing our vision of the perfect hotel room: beautiful, sustainably built, affordable and the comfiest room in the city. It felt like mission impossible at times, people told us we’d lost the plot with our ‘unreasonable demands’ but we pushed on. And the result is the Qbi; the centrepiece of everything we stand for.

The Frame

A new room concept.

Our friends in their thick glasses and scrolled blueprints did a super job with a very clever room structure that we’re very excited about. It’s incredibly strong, built with sustainable materials and looks and feels the business.

The Bed

The best bed. Ever.

We’re self-confessed bed geeks. We’ve looked far and wide to find the best, comfiest, most sleep-inducing bio-degradable bed anywhere. The answer was in Devon, where they have fields, make a top notch natural bed and have some very well rested residents.

Fun Hotel Room at Qbic London Cosy Room at Qbic Qbic hotel bed yellow

The Shower

Get shower fresh.

We know how important a good shower is at the start and end of a day in a city, so we’ve made sure our rooms give you a solid blast of hot water with no waiting around (and minimise wasted water in the process).


See the light.

We understand the importance of good lighting. Clear and focused when you want to read, softly lit when you’re winding down. And we’ve made it a cinch to control the lightening from the bed.

Cool qbic hotel lighting

The TV

Making TV easy.

No fumbling with the remote or craning your neck. Our TV is simple to use and positioned at eye level when you’re in bed (why don’t all hotels do that?).

Qbic Quintessentials

Free & fast wifi

Get online at double quick speed

Rain shower

A proper shower in every room

Great service

We’re here to make your stay brilliant

The best bed

Handmade, organic and really comfy

Squeaky clean

We dare you to find a more spotless room