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National Tulip Day at Qbic Amsterdam

National Tulip Day in Amsterdam

It’s National Tulip Day on Saturday 21 January! As Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and our national flower, the beloved tulip, we will be celebrating this day to the fullest. This day marks the moment each year that the Dutch tulip season officially gets underway. Did you know that an estimated 1.7 billion tulips find their way to households and businesses all over the globe every year?

Tulip picking garden on Dam Square

Dutch tulip growers are creating a huge temporary ‘picking garden’ on Amsterdam’s Dam Square, filled with around 200,000 tulips. You’re invited to go and pick your own for free from this special ‘Mondrian to Dutch Design’ flower field.

At Qbic, we like to surprise every guest checking in on National Tulip Day with a tulip bulb so they can take a little something from the Netherlands back home. And of course, there can be no Tulip Day without lots of tulips at Qbic Living! We’re going to decorate the lobby so you can’t miss this special day.

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