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Qbic Hotel Amsterdam Green Hotel | Green Globe hotels

Sustainable entrepreneurship is hot, especially in the hotel industry. More and more hotels are taking the environment into account and are getting involved in sustainable development. Hotel Qbic wants to follow their example and become an environmentally friendly hotel. That is why we have decided to apply for a Green Globe Certificate.

Green Globe is an international structured assessment of the sustainability performance, elaborated for the tourist and travel industry. With this certificate hotels guarantee that they are taking into account the environment, local economy and local community.

In order to get the Green Globe Certificate, hotels must meet up with the Green Globe Standard; a complete set of indicators for sustainability criteria; certification policies & procedures; and auditor guidelines. These criteria are subdivided in four areas.

Sustainable Management – The hotel has a long-term sustainability management system that is suitable to its reality and scale and that considers sociocultural, environmental, quality, health and safety issues.

Social/Economic – The hotel actively supports initiatives for social and infrastructure community development, for example health, sanitation and education.

Cultural Heritage – The hotel follows established guidelines or a code of behaviour for visits to cultural or historical places. This way the hotel minimizes visitor impact and maximizes enjoyment.

Environmental – When purchasing products, the hotel favours environmentally friendly products for building materials, capital goods, food and consumables.

You can find this information on the website of Green Globe. You also read about the criteria for energy management in hotels and other guidelines for sustainable entrepreneurship. Thanks to Green Globe, there are now more conscious hotels. Amsterdam hotel Qbic will soon be one of them!

Are you going to spend this summer in Amsterdam and do you wish to stay in a hotel with trendy and eco friendly rooms? Qbic Hotel Amsterdam is a green hotel with a trendy interior. For further information, please check Qbic Hotel‘s website.

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