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Qbic Hotel gets the Green Globe certificate again in 2014

Qbic received the Green Glove award for the first time in 2009. This certificate is the international version of Green Key . Green Key is only recognized in the Netherlands. Because Qbic hotel has many international guests, we believe it is important to show that we are working on sustainable travel and tourism worldwide.

To get the certificate hotels have four areas in which they have to meet the criteria imposed by the Green Globe organization:GG_CERTIFIED_RGB_Small

    • Management: The hotels have to show the Green Globe organization that their management system is suitable to its reality and scale, and that considers environmental, sociocultural, quality, health, and safety issues.
    • Social – Economic: The business has to actively support initiatives for social and infrastructure community development including education, health, sanitation and sports. 
    • Cultural Heritage: To minimize the impact of the hotel on the cultural heritage, the business has to follow established guidelines or a code of behaviour for visits to cultural sites or sensitive historical places. This will also contribute to the experience of the hotel guests. 
    • Environment: An industry where impact on the environment can be big, it’s important to devote our attention to this. With little things we can make sure that this impact is less big. Our businesses depends on the positive results. In a Qbic room you won’t find the standard small bottles of shampoo and soap. Instead we provide our guests with a dispenser.

On the website of Green Globe, you can read all the specifications. Theirs is also a list with all the hotels around the world that have the Green Globe certificate. Here you will find Qbic hotel as well.

Are you in Amsterdam this summer and would you like to experience a green Amsterdam hotel? Please check our website for the best room rates and book your trendy room with Qbic Hotel Amsterdam.

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