67% less CO2 emissions than other hotels our size, and that’s not hot air!

We know that everything we do has an impact somewhere down the line, so we aim for that impact to be as small as possible. We’ve created a new kind of eco-friendly hotel by throwing away the rule book and creating what we think is the best eco hotel Brussels has.


Save Water

We went in search for a brilliant shower that didn’t waste tons of water like most hotels. We found a rather efficient system that mixes air into the water, it helps us to reduce our water consumption without effecting the quality of your shower.

Our organic toiletries are from a company with the rather catchy name Stop-The-Water-While-Using-Me. Not only is there a gentle prod for all of us, the company is involved in lots of great projects to provide clean water to places where it’s most needed.

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Rewarding Green Thinking

Cleaning a room and changing the towels and bed linen all uses energy and water. We’d rather conserve what we can when we can, so we have introduced an initiative to encourage our hotel guests to make greener decisions.

Those staying with us for more than one night and who choose not to have their room serviced, will be rewarded with a free drink at the bar…a little thank you from us to our wonderful guests for supporting us in our mission to keep things green & eco.

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Green Electricity

We’re reducing the electricity we use at Qbic, and increasing it where it makes sense. For example, we have installed Electric Car Charging Points in our car park that are free to use by our eco-minded guests.

All the lighting in the hotel is LED and energy efficient. And not only do the lights go off when you leave the room, when you walk down the corridors or into your room you trigger a sensor that switches on the lights, which then turns off once you’re gone.


Natural, Organic, & Oh So Comfy

Our Organic mattresses are handcrafted in Devon, UK from recycled denim, organic lambswool and coconut fibre and were created just for us by a company called Naturalmat. They are hypoallergenic, breathable and really good for your back!

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Fresh, Filtered, Sustainable Water

You’ll find that the water provided in your room is filtered and in re-usable glass bottles. We avoid wasteful wherever we can.

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