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Locally Connected

For us, locally connected is knowing our neighbourhood. Whether thats a great place to enjoy a cocktail, dine in secret or simply go for a run. Our ‘local heroes’ are the guys and girls you’ll meet when you first arrive to check in. They have all the knowledge you’ll need, so don’t be shy, ask us for a recommendation and we will gladly deliver.

We love the communities that we become a part of, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to explore when you come stay with us. Local business Rinkoffs Bakery near our hotel in East London were one of the first friends we made when we moved to the area, check out this video we made with them…

You’ll find lots of things to see, taste, hear and do during your stay with us. If you’re the planning type check out HQ our online digital guide…

A haircut from Jack the Clipper

Qbic’s Whitechapel location just so happens to be where Jack the Ripper did his murdering. So having a Turkish cut throat barber shop called Jack the Clipper up the road is just, well, natural? It’s a nice bit of wordplay, but it also efficiently knocks off a fun touristy staple for any visitor to the … Continue reading A haircut from Jack the Clipper


Five decent spots to eat in touristy places

Some of London’s most popular tourist spots may be clichéd but still make for superb days out. London boasts several magnificent landmarks and terrific places for sight-seeing, culture and shopping. The only drawback other than the long queues is sometimes the hit-and-miss food around the big tourist destinations. Sightseeing is invariably exhausting work. In this … Continue reading Five decent spots to eat in touristy places


Run the canal

Weekend autumn mornings are quite possibly when London is at its most handsome. The green/brown flecks, the crispness and quietness, the breaking light before the clocks go back at the end of October and a perkiness in the air as the crescendo to Christmas closes in. Soaking it up is best done by an early … Continue reading Run the canal


Five great galleries

The rents may be getting a little expensive for many of the artists that were the source of East London’s upswing in creativity, but the galleries live on. Several East London galleries are now recognised as among the best in the city, and major contributors to London’s status as a world class art city. Many … Continue reading Five great galleries


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