London City

We’ve planted our first flag in one of our favourite neighbourhoods.

Our East London hotel is on the footsteps of the City of London and at the heart of what is London’s most lively square mile with some of the city’s best street food, art galleries, boutiques, creative businesses and nightlife, all glued together with local people who make it more than just a tourist spot.

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There are plenty of reasons to book your stay with us direct through our website or reservations team. First and foremost, you honestly won’t get a better price anywhere else.

But…did you know that you can also customise your stay with a few extra add-on treats? From breakfast to dinner and parking to pets, when you book direct we’ve got you covered…

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The Greenest Hotel in London

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We’re a B-Corp too!



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Everything You Would Expect

For us, these are just the basics!


Room To Be Yourself

A clever, cosy crashpad

We almost drove ourselves crazy in designing our vision of the perfect hotel room: beautiful, sustainably built, affordable and the comfiest room in the city.

It might not be what you expect, which is a good thing in our opinion, but it is an oasis to return to after a day of work or a sensory adventure overload, and we are pretty sure it will surprise and delight in all the right ways.

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Breakfast To End All Breakfasts

Are you a Champion or a Legend?

Get stuck into our Breakfast of Champions buffet loaded with delicious pastries, cereals and yoghurt pots, wholesome breads and scrumptious savoury options, seasonal fruits, fresh juices and proper coffee. PLUS, don’t forget the build your own waffle station, and our awesome daily changing frittata’s and famous big pans!

Think you’re up to a little more? Select our Breakfast of Legends – all of the above plus ANY hot item from the fancy breakfast menu!

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The Ultimate Bed

It’s the mother of essentials, the basic of all basics: a proper night’s kip. And that means the best bed you’ve ever slept in.

Let us introduce you to our handmade, organically produced mattresses made in sunny Devon. Our friends Mark and Peter at Naturalmat created a mattress just for us, made from recycled denim, organic lambswool and coconut fibre. (Little fact, the Naturalmat was originally made for Mark’s first child, so we’re not exaggerating when we say we genuinely expect you to sleep like a baby.)

It’s hypoallergenic, breathable and wonderfully springy. Your back will be thanking you for days. We’ve had a word with Mark and Peter and they can now make up custom mattresses and toppers for Qbic guests.

Want One All Of Your Own?

A Great & Green Shower

We had a tough ask for the showers in our rooms. They had to be simple to operate with an instant hot jet of water.

OK, not too difficult, we hear you say. But our showers also had to do this while being genuinely eco-friendly. So we went searching for how we could have a brilliant shower but didn’t waste tons of water like most hotels. We found a rather efficient system that mixed air into the water and helped us to reduce our water consumption by 41%.

Add to that some super fluffy towels and our organic toiletries, Stop The Water While Using Me, and you’ve got yourself the shower equivalent of having your cake and eating it!

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Banish the boring

Is it a ladder? Is it a mistake? No, its the Dress-Friend!

Who needs a traditional old dusty wardrobe when you could have this fun piece of furniture art? The best thing is that we actually encourage you to use the art, not just look at it. Drape, hang or throw your clothes onto it in a creative manner, we don’t mind!

Created by Sander Bokkinga, a celebrity at Qbic London. He describes himself as an Urban Huntsman for Ingenious Freedom. Nonconformist by choice, and inclined to push boundaries. Our kind of guy!

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Hydrate and Caffeinate

Ticking all the libation boxes!

Why do hotels leave freeze dried instant coffee and stale teabags in your room taking up precious space, why?!

We’d much prefer a freshly ground coffee or a lovely assortment of teas, so rather than the dreaded tea tray we have opted for proper coffee machines on every floor. Simply skip along to your nearest one and brew up a storm. Its all free too, so once you’re caffeinated to your hearts fast paced content, make sure you hydrate on the fresh filtered water in your room.


The Greenest Hotel In London

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We’re a B-Corp too!

Qbic London - Summer Squash and Feta Frittata


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