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Altab Ali Park

Opposite Qbic design hotel London, Altab Ali Park, previously known as St Marys Park, is a small park in the centre of London. In the 14th Century, the chapel of St Mary Matfelon stood on the site. Whitewash made from lime and chalk was used as a paint on the outside of the original church giving it a white finish and prompting locals to call it the ‘white chapel’; the position of the church in a prominent thoroughfare caused it to be used as a landmark, and eventually became the name of the area: Whitechapel.

The church was practically destroyed in The Blitz of 1940, falling then into disrepair and finally was demolished in 1952. The footprint of the original church can be seen in the park, this is all that remains of the medieval chapel. The park was renamed Altab Ali Park in 1998 as a memorial to Altab Ali, a young clothing worker from Bangladesh who was a victim of a racial attack. All around the park reminders can be seen of the diverse cultures found and merged in East London.

Many of the rooms in the Qbic Hotel London have views over this small but important London park.