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Ballie Ballerson

Now this is as about as 2016 as you can get, combining two of the year’s big trends: adult’s versions of kids’ pursuits and calling things Something Somethingson.  Few things were as thrilling as a kid than throwing yourself into a pit of coloured plastic balls, lobbing them at other kids, pretending to play dead as you buried yourself beneath them, and trying to sneak one home in your pocket. So why should the young ‘uns get all the fun, hey? Well, not in Dalston, and definitely not at BallieBallerson. The new ball pit bar is home to 200,000 of the coloured spheres (disinfected thankfully at a rate of 18,000 an hour), a restaurant serving ball-themed food (cheese balls, meatballs, pancake balls) etc, and plenty of hipster drinks (Dip Dabs, Wham Bars and Pink Shrimp Foam) which to imbibe. Plenty will roll their eyes at such a venture, but I bet far more have squealed inwardly as they remember an hour in a ball pit, possibly equal to that of a bouncy castle. At £15, it’s not pocket-money prices, but that should keep the REAL kids out.

Where: 79 Stoke Newington Rd,  N16 8AD

When: 6pm-2am

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