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Christopher Raeburn – IMMERSE

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Following London Fashion Week Mens 18 we are feeling excited about the new collections that were showcased this year. One in particular that stood out to us was by Christopher Ræburn because of his innovative yet sustainable approach to working.

This season Raeburn’s ‘IMMERSE’ collection draws inspiration from the oceans. He calls upon new and previous collaborations and even reworks pieces from his own past collections such as his up-cycled used parachutes.

A new collaboration for this season is with cold-water surf brand Finisterre, who create functional outwear, knits and accessories. The albatross, the largest seabird in the world, renowned for its endurance and altruistic nature, acts as the symbol of the collaboration and can be found throughout the collection.

Raeburn emphasises his passion for quality and longevity as he continues with multiple partnerships. In his latest collection he incorporates Russian and Danish Naval blankets, immersion suits, Royal Air Force helicopter winch man coveralls, recreated statement backpacks from an original RAF helicopter emergency pack in collaboration with artist and fellow Royal College of Art designer Nikiesha Nelson, high quality denim jean and reversible over-shirt produced by Blackhorse Lane Ateliers and functional footwear created by Palladium.

With an ever increasing demand for new design in fashion, and especially so within mens fashion over recent years, Raeburn is setting an inspiring example to the rest of the industry on how clothes can be reworked, ensuring great design as well as sustainability and teaching us how to ensure unnecessary waste is kept as low as possible.

Working from the REMADE studio in the heart of east London, Raeburn and his design team ensure their ethos by always following a 4 R rule: Remade, Reduced, Recycled and Raeburn. REMADE: Reworking surplus materials, products and artefacts into completely new designs. REDUCED: Believing waste can be reduced, considering the environment and minimising their carbon footprint by using local manufactures or creating smaller batches. RECYCLED: Using sustainable and pre-existing materials and harnessing green technologies. We absolutely love this ethos and applaud Raeburns forward thinking movement on fashion design.

Check out the next workshop on 24th February 2018 from 11am – 6pm in the Textile Building, Hackney, by Christopher Raeburn #offcutanimals, where you can create your own unique fox to take home, all created with an off-cut.
10% of each ticket will be donated to WWF.
For more information and tickets click here.

| Website: Christopher Ræburn
| Instagram: @christopherraeburn
| Twitter: @StudioRaeburn
| Facebook: @studioraeburn
| Pinterest: Christopher Ræburn
| Vimeo: Christopher Ræburn
|YouTube: Christopher Ræburn

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