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Exhibition: Neo Naturists


Born of post-punk, new romantic, Thatcherite disenchantment and the London squatting scene – the Neo Naturists were not only cool AF, they provided the 80s’ answer to non-conformist freedom to explore and express. A collab of artists and peers who expanded the canvas to cover their flesh, they rose against the perfectly packaged and sellable view of body image that dominated the time and continues to be just as damaging to young’uns today. There will be footage of the Neo Naturist’s coveted exploits, body-printing onto the gallery walls and the recreation of some of their best art and performances. Celebrate the human form in all its colourful, unashamed glory. Right on.

Where: Studio Voltaire 1A Nelsons Row SW4 7JR
How much: Free
Nearest Tube: Clapham Common