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Discover Our Green Hotel In London

At Qbic we genuinely believe in being eco friendly and therefore we walk the walk as well as talk the talk. We are aware that everything we do at our London Hotel has an impact on the environment. It is our goal to minimise that impact as much as possible. A gentle skip through nature rather than a great big stomp. To achieve this goal we have taken the following steps to be a truly green London hotel:

Electrical plug pointsSolar panels on our roof generate green electricity Our solar panels produce green electricity even on cloudy days

  • Conveniently placed Electric Car Charging Points
  • Installed solar power in our initial refurbishment
  • Our roof is covered with solar panels, so we can generate part of our own clean & green electricity

Green energy generation meterFiltered water with no throw away plastic bottles

  • The water provided in each room  is filtered, and filled in our pretty glass bottles
  • We are dedicated recyclists, recycling everything from plastic, paper and glass, with the help of a partner company.
  • We keep our hotel lit with LED lighting throughout
  • The power is literally in your hands! when you walk down the corridors or into your room you trigger a sensor that switches on the lights, which then turns off once you’re gone.
  • The bedroom lights are pretty smart and only work when the key is put in the door, so lights can’t be left on for hours when nobody’s home.

Our soap reminds you to save waterGreen LED lighting

  • Our cleaning products are 100% chemical free… Yes 100%
  • All our showers cleverly mix in air to reduce water use (without compromising power – don’t worry, it’s still a great rain shower).
  • We stock natural, environmentally friendly toiletries that are not only luxurious, but also help to provide access to water to communities that don’t have it
  • Our mattresses in London come from a company called Natural Mat and are handmade using only organic and natural materials such as lambswool, cotton and coir fibre.

Qbic hotel bed & pillows yellowAll organic and natural Eco Mattress

  • We have a towel and linen reuse programme to cut down on unnecessary washing.
  • We work with eco-friendly local charities:
    • Bikeworks work with local organisations to tackle social and environmental challenges in London using bikes. They’ve fitted us out with 10 recycled bikes which guests can borrow to go on their own tours of London. The bikes are branded with the Qbic and Bikeworks logos.
    • Cafe Art is a London based initiative that aims to reconnect people affected by homelessness with society through Art. We have given them space in our London hotel basement to run the charity from as well as showcased some of their artists work.

Recycled bikes


At Qbic we genuinely believe in being an eco friendly London hotel. That’s not just your typical marketing blurb talking. We know that everything we do has an impact somewhere down the line, including on our guests. We want that impact to be as gentle and small as possible: a tiny little environmental footprint, not a great big stomp. We are Platinum Level GreenLeaders on TripAdvisor. See what that means.

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