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It’s not exactly Coke-versus-Pepsi, but the title of Best Shoreditch Breakfast is little short of a heavyweight clash. Two masters at the top of their games with their own army of disciples.

Let’s start with Allpress, the elder statesman on Redchurch Street. Tourists and locals alike jostle in the loud and buzzy room to buy bags of freshly roasted coffee beans, sandwiches and flat whites. But it’s the Allpress Breakfast Plate that’s the unassuming star of the show. Half an avocado, a boiled egg, sliced tomato, a gherkin, cheese, a choice of either smoked salmon or ham and some toasted focaccia. It really is a thing of simple beauty.

A two minute walk away is the double-fronted Leila’s Shop. On one side a virtuous grocery with crates of what appears to be the choicest produce plucked by mother nature herself. Next door is a kitchen with suspended utensils hovering above pots simmering something lovely. Take a seat, check the blackboard and pick something, anything. You can’t go wrong. The fried eggs with either Serrano ham or fried sage are outstanding. What isn’t is Leila’s rather capricious attitude to opening hours, so worth checking before you go.

Allpress, 58 Redchurch Street
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Leila’s shop, 15-17 Calvert Ave
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