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Lucocoa Chocolate

Lucocoa Chocolate is London’s first bean to bar chocolate maker. With a passion for health and fitness they decided back in 2014 to challenge the status quo of chocolate. Wanting to make luxury chocolate that was good for you and remove the guilt from a guilty pleasure.

Amarachi Uzowuru and Andy Clarke are responsible for the whole operation from sourcing the beans, to wrapping the bars. They decided that by making the chocolate from scratch they can be sure that the chocolate contains the finest ingredients and will be made to an excellent standard.

They searched high and low around the world looking for cocoa beans that ticked the right boxes – those that combined the best taste, finest quality, were organic and had the fairest practices in place. They achieve this by using only rare Criollo and Trinitario cocoa beans that make up less than 15% of the world’s cocoa. The beans are from Haiti, Belize, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic. In doing this Lucocoa Chocolate has joined a niche group of only a small handful of chocolate makers in the UK. They make their chocolate in small batches and each batch is carefully made over a period of three days.

Lucocoa Chocolate promises to never use refined sugar, additives, preservatives or any nasties. The bars are only sweetened with unrefined coconut sugar and the superfood lucuma (a fruit from Peru). This combination gives the bars a uniquely rich and warm flavour. The ingredients used inspired their name – Lucocoa.

With a fine range of six different bars which include two award winners, four dark, one milk containing 50% cocoa and a signature Natural Blonde (40% cocoa) which is their version of white chocolate, possessing a creamy, caramel flavour.


On International Women’s day Lucocoa Chocolate decided to launch a limited edition cover for three of their dark chocolate bars. These bars have the profile of three women from each of their farms. They wanted to shout about the women that help them make their chocolate taste so good, obsessing over every step of the growing and fermentation of cacao.

The beautiful illustrations were created by Jais Illustration.

| Website: Lucocoa Chocolate
| Instagram: @lucocoa
| Twitter: @LucocoaChoc
| Facebook: @lucocoachocolate

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