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Run the canal

Weekend autumn mornings are quite possibly when London is at its most handsome. The green/brown flecks, the crispness and quietness, the breaking light before the clocks go back at the end of October and a perkiness in the air as the crescendo to Christmas closes in. Soaking it up is best done by an early morning run from Qbic, along canals and parks, culminating in a circuit around Victoria Park with the reward of breakfast at Pavilion Cafe at the end.

The five mile canter is split into three legs. First is the 1.5 mile stretch from the hotel, through The Royal London Hospital and crossing Stepney Green park. From here, you join the canal for the one mile leg that runs up to the southern tip of Victoria Park, along the green spaces of Mile End Park and Millennium Park on one side and the canal on the other.

A final burst is the 2.5 mile circuit through the majestic Victoria Park (obviously you can cut corners depending on the heaviness of your legs). After blasting through the gates at the southern corner, cranking on your power tunes, go anti-clockwise along the Hertford Union canal on the southern side, following the path around the park before collapsing at the Pavilion Cafe.

If you need a stretch, there’s a free yoga session that starts at 9:30am next to the Pavilion.

Click here for the map route

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