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The most fun you can have on a roundabout?

Set in the centre of the Old Street roundabout, The aptly named Magic Roundabout has taken a decent stab at creating a winter wonderland in the midst of the City of London. And, if you’re willing to forgo the brief encounter with the smell of 15-year-old cat piss that greets you as you enter (the entrance is sadly located underground en route to the tube) you’ll be glad you made the slightly dubious journey. After all, not all nice things come in nice packages (my shabbily wrapped Christmas presents don’t anyway).

Everything is outdoors, but they’ve stuck up some heaters and a couple of roofs to keep out the wintery London showers. They’ve got funky decor varying from hippy-dippy carpets to raver neon, tasty cocktails in the Bassano Hunting Lodge -they’ve even thrown in some taxidermy statues to keep it legit – and some fucking incredible jerk chicken by street-food vets White Men Can’t Jerk. It’s just the right level of spicy, which is to say, quite spicy.

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