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Top 10 – Quirky and Creative Things To Do in London


Street Art Tour

Get your Instagram at the ready. East London is covered in glorious street-art, and luckily the guys at Street Art Tours London know the scene like the back of their hands and can give you all the info you need about the best pieces in the city.  For times and bookings look here.

Hip-hop Brunch
Londoners love a good boozy brunch, and this one has got bangin’ tunes and southern fried chicken. It’s the closest you’ll come to living life like the  Notorious B.I.G.

Eat in the nude
In June 2016 London’s first ever naked restaurant opened to the public. If eating your dinner while observing the male/female form is something you have thought about in the past then the Bunyadi is the place for you. Just don’t order any particularly drippy/spicy sauces.

Drink cocktails in the toilet
In recent years, a bizarre and brilliant trend has taken over the city: turning disused public toilets into cocktail bars. It’s the perfect contrast – luxury and squalor.  Check out this one in Covent Garden or this one in Bermondsey.

Explore the great British food market
I don’t know how we ever evolved to spot deals without vendors screaming them on repeat at the top of their lungs. This city has more food markets than you can shake a stick at, all serving incredible and varied street food and regular food. Check out Borough Market (closed Sundays) for top quality eats, and Dinerama (night market – open Thursday, Friday and Saturday) for top quality vibes.

Head to a ping-pong bar
Believe it or not, ping-pong’s origins date back to early 20th century England, so I guess its ok that the British have turned the game into just another reason to head to the pub.  Bounce at Old Street is a 10 minute walk from the hotel, where you can play and drink to your heart’s content.

Dine in the dark
You could do this one nude too, but it wouldn’t be quite as effective. At Dans le noir blind waiters will lead you through to a pitch dark room where you will be served a range of ‘surprise’ dishes. The darkness is said to heighten your other senses. Fingers crossed we don’t have another soylent green situation on our hands.

Swim in an art piece
The King’s Cross Pond Club , set in the heart of the city’s gentrification, is a funny place for a swimming pool – hence the art aspect – but it sure is refreshing on a summer’s day.

Head to a flower market
If you don’t mind a bit of a crowd, Columbia Road Flower Market is a lovely way to spend a chilled Sunday. Stroll through rows of flowers, check out the vintage stalls and perhaps grab some food along the way.

Sample London’s craft beer
The city’s craft beer scene has exploded in the last 8 years, with 36 new breweries opening in the past year alone. A bit of a microcosm has developed just south of the river in trendy Bermondsey, where some clever cloggs has arranged the Bermondsey Beer Mile ,  a Saturday lunchtime brewery crawl that allows you to sample the finest beer London has to offer. Just don’t make any plans with the English relatives on Saturday evening.

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