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Review of Tsujiki Food


In the heart of fancy Mayfair, Tsukiji is a quaint 20-seater restaurant that takes itself appropriately seriously. When we hesitated over the 9-course tasting menu (due to admitedly picky eating habits), head chef Show Choong essentially told us to man the eff up. We did, and we did not look back. In fact, once you have tasted the splendours of Tsukiji, we’re pretty sure you won’t feel comfortable ordering a cold tray of California crab rolls under the bright lights of Itsu ever again.

That’s the problem with legitimately great sushi, it ruins what before had seemed fine; like comparing bargain coco pops to the real deal. The menu takes in incredibly fresh yellowtail sashimi, grilled oysters (our first. The less said the better), a fillet of black cod, octopus carpaccio, and finished with a crumbly, biscuit-based banana cheesecake, drizzled with chocolate sauce. It. Was. Amazing. Go check it out.

Where?  38 Conduit St, Mayfair W1S 2YF, Bond Street Tube

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