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Winter Lights London

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London welcomes another dazzling free light festival this week in the city’s business district, Canary Wharf.

The area is usually shining brightly with its tall towers being seen high above the city during these dark and shorter days. Over the next week it will shine brighter than usual as 30 spectacular artworks, installations and interactive experiences by some of the most innovative artists and designers around today fill the area.

There is something for everyone as artists showcase installations that are interactive, performance based art or visual spectacles to be admired from afar and many pieces are on show in the UK for the very first time. Download the Winter Lights map to find your way around and to ensure you do not miss any, however there is no set order to follow.

Green note: All the installations are made as energy efficient as possible using mains power instead of generators and using LED lighting. Transportation of artworks and equipment is combined to reduce the number of journeys, using electric vehicles around the estate and local contractors are used as much as possible.


Sonic Light Bubble (above)
This incredible installation ‘breathes’ with light and sound when you approach or touch it. 236 programmed LED’S generate visual patterns to a unique soundtrack.

Dazzling Dodecahedron (above)
A beautiful jewel-like structure, glowing in an array of purples, golds, pinks, blues, green and bronze from the 12 pentagon panels made of iridescent acrylic. By day the kaleidoscopic installation twinkles in the natural sunlight and by night, it transforms into a giant disco ball as the lights go on.

Reflecting Holons (above)
Created by Jetske Visser and Michiel Martens, an experiment with movement and light made with oil like transparent foil, ‘water droplet’ like shapes spin on motors reflecting lights around them.

Luma Paint Light Graffiti (above)
Create your own art on a living paint canvas, special light sources create stunning light graffiti as you draw.

Playful Shadows (above)
Explore the wonderful colourful mixing of shadow combinations inside this interactive cube.

Apparatus Florius (above)
Illuminating the trees of Westferry Circus, this multi-coloured light installation features giant geometric patterns that grow and intersect as you watch, symbolising the instinctive flow of a plant, taking over the city in search of light to be able to expand and create natural space.

The Cube (above)
This exploded cube of light connects to the bridge at the bottom of Cubitt Steps. By day it is an intriguing black and white abstract skeleton, come nightfall the cube alights and is reflected by the water underneath.

| Tue 16th – Sat 27th Jan
| 5 – 10pm
| Throughout Canary Wharf, Canary Wharf, London

| Winter Lights Map
| Website: Canary Wharf London – Winter Lights
| Instagram: @canarywharflondon
| Twitter: @yourcanarywharf

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