At Qbic we do our best to implement eco-friendly features, challenging every decision made… what is its environmental impact? Is there a greener solution? From our handmade organic mattresses, electric car charging points, to the chemical-free cleaning products we use. These could be big or tiny features, but essentially, they all make an impact and we love that our guests and staff are a part of that.
Based in buzzy east London, the hub of culture and creativity, we are forever exploring, meeting new locals and learning the best spots to go. We get especially excited when we find a fellow green thinking neighbour! See below a selection of what’s happening:


Coffee grounds are usually destined for the bin – after completing the morning caffeine hit. Ozone Coffee in Shoreditch have joined together with Haggerston-based skincare brand Montamonta to process and repurpose their spent coffee grounds (which still contain significant levels of antioxidants and caffeine) into a nourishing body scrub, blended with coconut and almond oils, natural salts, vitamin e and botanical extracts.
| Ozone Coffee Bar
| 11 Leonard St, London EC2A 4AQ


Fancy an eco-pint!? Long Arm Pub & Brewery in Old St have their own Aquaponics farm. Aquaponics combines Aquaculture (fish farming) and Hydroponics (growing of plants without soil in water). Which basically means the fish are fed with the spent grains from the brewing process and then fertilize the plants. The plants use that fertilizer, soak it up, & send the water back clean to the fish to re-use. The free organic fertilizer provides the optimal growing environment for the plants, herbs & the freshest fish & veggies to your plate.
| Long Arm Pub
| 20-26 Worship St, London EC2A 2DX


Usually coffee powers Londoners through with a morning espresso or flat white… London start-up company Bio-Bean takes this a step further by collecting waste coffee grounds from cafes and turning them into carbon-neutral ‘coffee logs’ these can then be used to fuel stoves and fires! They have also created the worlds first coffee-derived biodiesel to power London’s buses! Now there’s a good reason for a coffee break!
| Bio Bean


Stratford’s Roof East, is teaching sustainable farming on a rooftop in the GrowUp Box – an urban fish farm where piscine poo is used to fertilise plants. Take a tour and learn how you can recreate it at home.
| The Grow Up Box
| Stratford Multi-storey Car Park, Great Eastern Way, Stratford


Bees are one of nature’s wonders, they play a big role in sustaining our ecosystem. Pollinating plants as they collect their food and make delicious honey; they do well in cities due to the variety of trees and flowers and with careful planning and preparation, live side by side with us in the city. Visit beehives, taste a range of London honey, make wild flower seed bombs to feed the bees and learn how you can help our buzzy friends back home. Tours run twice a month in Kings Cross, London.
| Urban Bee Tour
| Kings Cross


Learn how to fix your stuff with the help of The Restart Project, a social enterprise who host free events in London teaching how to repair anything that runs off a plug or battery. Check out their upcoming events through the link below:
| The Restart Project


A tap that pours wine! Sounds good to us! Weino BIB in Dalston has created just that, with the idea to showcase sustainably packaged wine that can lower wines carbon footprint by up to 80%, while also lowering the cost by 30%. Sip on wine on tap or bring your own bottle to fill up and take home. They also offer detergent and milk on tap too!
| Weino BIB
| 39 Balls Pond Rd Dalston Overground


Lets pack for the future – and make it a sustainable one! With the ever-increasing demand and supply of fast food spots there has been a noticeable increase in throwaway packaging, and a realisation that it’s not all recyclable with the pesky plastic problem – so what exactly will the packaging of the future be? Find out where it’s heading at a new exhibition: ‘Packaging Innovation Series: Pack the Future,’ at The Museum of Brands, Packaging & Advertising – from plant-based materials to packaging you can eat! On until Aug 31.
| Museum of Brands, Packaging & Advertising
| 111-117 Lancaster Rd Ladbroke Grove


Arcola theatre aims to be the world’s first carbon-neutral theatre, having fitted solar panels to generate electricity, thermal panels to heat its tap water and using a wood-fired boiler which generates carbon-neutral heating! We applaud.
| Arcola Theatre
| 24 Ashwin St, Dalston Junction Overground


When perfection is the norm, from humans to fruit – Rejuce are whipping up these ‘imperfect’ shaped fruits and blending them into delicious cold-pressed juices, sold in recyclable bottles you can find them at various spots in Hackney Wick, including Crate Brewery.
| Rejuce


Did you know that every year, 1/3 of all food produced is wasted? Start-up companies like Too Good To Go and Karma are on a mission to reduce this food waste and create a world where ‘food produced’ means ‘food consumed’. These new apps allow eateries to sell leftover food (which would otherwise be thrown away) to hungry Londoners.
| Too Good To Go
| Karma


The Bean Shed is a hut made of recycled packaging crates selling fruit, veg, toasties, soups and cakes on a ’pay as you feel’ basis. Run by food-waste crew Save the Date who source perfectly imperfect produce from markets and suppliers across London.
| Save The Date at The Bean Shed
| St John’s Hoxton, Pitfield St, Hoxton Overground
| Tue – Fri

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