We chat to Gabriella Evans, founder of A Sustainable Life, which is an online platform designed to be a place to find easy and applicable tips on how to lead a more sustainable life, trying to consider long term environmental, ethical, and economic effects. With Earth day approaching on April 22nd there is no better time to educate ourselves on even the smallest changes that can be super easy to implement into everyday life.


What is ASL all about?
The core of ASL is the recognition that everything is interconnected. ASL is all about spreading awareness and consciousness about the state of our world, and at the same time showing the connection between this and our actions. ASL is a platform with information and suggestions, for an effortlessly conscious lifestyle in everyday life. With ASL, I address sustainability on different levels; environmental, economic, and social, in a simple accessible way, and above all, I try to suggest simple and applicable suggestions for alternative solutions in our everyday life.
Why did you start your brand?
It started as an idea to have a little space with compiled information about sustainability for my friends, who weren’t passionate about the topic of sustainability itself, but at the same time they were keen to do good and take responsibility. The more I thought about the idea and discussed it with people, the more I was thinking that this could become something that would interest more people. Above all I am motivated by making a positive impact on our world, and I hope ASL will lead to that.
Is there a particular topic within ASL that you are most passionate about?
My passion stems from my interest in our impact on the environment, having learnt that there are so many of the small things that are the most “basic” things in our society that have such a damaging impact, such as what food we chose to eat, where our clothes come from etc. At the moment, I am having a really good time researching and discovering more ethical and sustainable fashion brands in Europe, they are a bit fewer and scarcer in between in Europe than in Australia and North America, but there are definitely some gems out there.
Have there been any particularly interesting or shocking discoveries you have come across since starting ASL?
Actually, one shocking and positive discovery for me was probably the fact that there actually are so many more sustainable alternatives for everyday life than I initially thought. This goes to show that the good alternatives are out there and people want to make a positive change, but if you aren’t already part of a certain “movement” it can be really tricky to find this information unless you actively search for it. People are creatures of habit, and it will be hard to change peoples’ habits if they lack the knowledge about the consequences of their choices, and aren’t given alternative choices. This is a hole that I am trying to cover.
What’s next?
For 2018 I am aiming to dedicate a lot more time across the channels, so more content on the website, Instagram and YouTube. I am also adding a more personal component, a blog, where I will write more about things I personally do to be more sustainable in my everyday life, as the website is more generic and the aim is to provide something for everyone.
| Website: A Sustainable Life
| Instagram: @asl_bygabriella
| YouTube: ASL By Gabriella

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