Not Your Average Green Hotel

We’ve created a new kind of affordable green hotel by ripping up the rule book and creating what we think is the best eco city hotel you could imagine.

At Qbic London we genuinely believe in being an eco friendly green hotel. That’s not just your typical marketing blurb talking. We know that everything we do has an impact somewhere down the line, including on our guests. We want that impact to be as gentle and small as possible: a tiny little environmental footprint, not a great big stomp.

“All furniture is pre-loved and re-loved!! A fantastic idea” MrsJ6811 (UK), travelled as a couple, source: Tripadvisor

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Save Water

We had a tough ask for the showers in our rooms. They had to be simple to operate with an instant hot jet of water. OK, not too difficult, we hear you say. But our showers also had to do this while being genuinely eco-friendly. So we went searching for how we could have a brilliant shower but didn’t waste tons of water like most hotels. We found a rather efficient system that mixed air into the water. The shower equivalent of having your cake and eating it.

Our organic toiletries are from a company with the rather catchy name Stop-The-Water-While-Using-Me. Not only is there a gentle prod for all of us, the company is involved in lots of great projects to provide clean water to places where it’s most needed.

“I Couldn’t help but smile and turn off the tap every time I read it.” – HouYan (Singapore), travelled solo, source: Tripadvisor

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Rewarding Green Thinking

Cleaning a room and changing the towels and bed linen all uses energy and water. We’d rather conserve what we can when we can, so we have introduced an initiative to encourage our hotel guests to make greener decisions.

Those staying with us for more than one night and who choose not to have their room serviced, will be rewarded with a free drink at the bar…a little thank you from us to our wonderful guests for supporting us in our mission to keep things green & eco.

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Green Electricity

We’re reducing the electricity we use at Qbic, and increasing it where appropriate, such as with Electric Car Charging Points. We have installed green solar power in our initial refurbishment so that we generate part of our own green electricity via solar panels on the roof.

All the lighting in the hotel is LED and energy efficient. And not only do the lights go off when you leave the room, when you walk down the corridors or into your room you trigger a sensor that switches on the lights, which then turns off once you’re gone.

“Qbic is very environmentally conscious, lovely smelling products, main corridor lights dim when no one is there, rain water shower, etc. Awesome!” thisdudeisgood, travelled as a couple, source: Tripadvisor


Natural, Organic, & Oh So Comfy

Naturalmat has been hand crafting natural and organic mattresses from their place on the banks of the river Exe in Devon for the last 15 years. Each mattress is made by hand using incredible raw materials, all from renewable and sustainable sources.

“The most comfortable bed I have ever slept in!” Emilija R (UK), travelled with family, source: Tripadvisor

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Electric Car Charging Points

Rock-up and plug-in. We’re supporting greener driving around our community with our Electric Car Charging Points, which can be found in our secure gated car park behind the hotel.

“Ecologic choice, lives up to the expectation, all the way” Rosa V, travelled with friends, source: Tripadvisor

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Fresh, Filtered, Sustainable Water

Water provided in the rooms in London is filtered. We don’t buy in wasteful plastic water bottles.

“There was fresh water put in our room everyday, which was a nice touch.” Hannah B (UK), travelled as a couple, source: Tripadvisor

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Borrow A BikeWorks Bike

Free transport around London couldn’t be better when its green transport!

We have 10 bikes provided by our wonderful partners Bike Works for guests to use free of charge – theres no better way to see the sites. Helmets and bike locks are of course also provided, we have even created some self guided bike tours if you fancy it.

“Moreover, the hotel has bicycles to rent for free, so we went from there to Notting Hill and back, passing quite a few of the big landmarks, riding through Hyde Park and having a stop-over near the London Eye on the way back.” hummingbird64 (Germany), travelled as a couple, source: Tripadvisor

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