I know what you’re thinking: “even The Rock takes breaks from the gym”. Nope. Have a look at his Instagram. It’s totally fine to take advantage of that break from routine and rest up when you’re away from home – but if you do get itchy feet, London has some pretty high quality gym facilities on offer within walking distance of Qbic. Here are some of our top picks:
Working out doesn’t have to be a chore. Frame was set up to encourage exercising in a fun-filled, social environment with a host of energetic group classes. Classes run all day and there is a very casual drop-in policy to suit the varied working schedules of workers in the city. Head to the Frame Café after you’ve sweated your ass off for some healthy snacks and a cold-pressed juice.
Where: 29 New Inn Yard, East London EC2A 3EY
Cost for one session: From £12
The classes at 1Rebel are not for the faint of heart: this is group exercise for tough, seasoned trainers. Each 45 minute session requires mental and physical endurance, pushing you to your upper limit to bring about the best results. You won’t find your traditional spin class here, that would be far too simple. The ‘Ride’ class incorporates cycling, but adds in some weights and pyrotechnics to really get your heartrate going. ‘Rumble’ combines cardio-boxing and mixed martial arts (don’t worry, you’re only fighting a bag). If you make it through, you’ll feel pretty damn good for a lot longer than you felt awful. 

Where: 63 St Mary Axe, London EC3A 8LE
Cost for one session:
Sometimes a traditional solo gym visit is enough. At Puregym, if you so desire it, you can be in total control. It is only open Monday – Friday as it caters primarily to city workers, but its facilities are top of the range and can be quiet during those mid-mornings and afternoons when most people are sitting in front of computers. Classes are available, but this one is best for a casual roam, maybe a few squats and some bench pressing if you like that sort of thing. Heavy duty gym activities welcome.
Where: The St. Botolph Building, 141 Houndsditch, London EC3A 7DH
Cost for one session: £13.99

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