Well, in one sense we’re through the worst of it: January is over and gone with it the scientifically determined worst day of the year as well as any overambitious plans we had to stop drinking or generally improve ourselves etc etc. Welcome to February: where good intentions die! (In another very concrete sense, everything is still terrible so why not have another drink anyway.)
Let’s talk about two notable things that are likely to affect your social calendar over the next four weeks: there’s a whole new venue in town and – ugh – it’s Valentine’s day again.
Firstly, Printworks!  It’s enormous. A whole new mega-venue that used to be a print factory, this just-launched 16-acre behemoth is shaking up the London landscape with a series of aptly huge line-ups. Running from midday until 10/10.30pm, this is the perfect opportunity to catch some of the biggest names in dance music playing in a cavernous industrial space – and still get back to the room in time to either a) change out of your gross sweaty clothes and keep going like the party hellfiend you are; or, b) collapse in a sweaty exhausted heap in your lovely bed and wake up feeling amazing.
Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 20.58.37
Coming up this month is a stomping bass frenzy hosted by Snowbombing and UKF featuring the likes of Sub Focus, Netsky and Friction. The following two weekends see Maya Jane Coles bring along pals including Alan Fiztpatrick, Daniel Avery and Kim Ann Foxman and Junction 2, that sparky young whippersnapper of a house and techno festival, invite Adam Beyer to play for literally an entire 10 hours alongside Reset Robot, Kevin Over and Joel Mull.
In between all this you may or may not be excited about the glorious marketing opportunity for small bears, red things and ill-fitting underwear that we all know as Valentine’s day. Thankfully it falls on a Tuesday this year and has largely been bypassed by club nights, but if you do for some reason want to combine romance with sweaty drinking in the dark, who could go wrong with the Kitsuné ‘French Kiss’ party at Village Underground when it’s French and the artwork features people kissing? Alternatively, forget this whole soulless nightmare of an occasion and just go out to something awesome like Andy Blake at Dalston Superstore or techno collective From Another Mind presenting a showcase at Bloc.

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