London’s a walkers’ city – the combination of terrible traffic,  great little shops and thousands of years of history make it the ideal place to wander. But sometimes you need an expert to tell you what it is you’ve been missing. We’ve picked out five of the best London walks for you.

screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-12-59-00Jack The Ripper Walk

This has the benefit of being close to Qbic’s East London neighbourhood and also chucking in a ton of London history along with the gore. Most of the sites of the actual murders are long gentrified so you need a guide who can conjure up the atmosphere of the Ripper’s London – Richard Jones is one of the best.

11906109146_55c3fedc51_bOccupy London Walking Tours

Spun of from the Occupy London protests this set of free, volunteer-run walking tours, peeks behind the curtain of the world of high finance and politics. Local and totally eye-opening is their City of London tour where you learn exactly how London’s financial district has become almost a city to itself.

screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-13-13-01The Liar’s Tour

You should come out of a good guided London walk knowing more than when you started, right? Well not necessarily with the Liar’s Tour. Two guides take you out in your favourite part of the city (the Shoreditch and Whitechapel ones are very close to Qbic) and tell you ‘facts’ about the area. But, half of them are untrue. Can you guess which ones?

Street Art Walk

These tours of London’s ever-changing street art sites are a bit like whale-watching. You need a guide who knows where the latest sightings have been. Otherwise it’s the same old Banksys and you’ll be craning your neck past the other aficionados. Which is why we like Street Art London – they’ve been doing this long enough to know where all the good stuff is hidden.

2i8eimag1979Craft Beer Tour

Ah, the pub. Could anything be more British? And the London East End combines the two best kinds of London pubs; evocative Victorian boozers and the new breed of microbreweries. Alternative London have a great craft beer tour that will introduce you the best brews in the city and it’s local enough for you to walk back to Qbic from.

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