Given that there’s millions of people in London and your nose is never more than 3cm from
someone’s armpit in a packed tube, it can be remarkably difficult to find lurrrve. You’ve got Tinder and the like, or you could try speed dating, but if a quick swipe based on your Facebook friends, or spending three minutes with someone and repeatedly spewing out the edited version of your life story isn’t your idea of fun, check out some of the capital’s quirkiest ways to meet people.
Date In A Dash
Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 18.53.20
Date In A Dash are, as the name suggests, about speed – but not at the expense of an experience. Over a couple of hours you can expect to meet around 10-20 people – and indulge in some wine tasting, play a game of bowling, get playful with child’s games, or check out some comedy. Humour and alcohol are of course the best ways to bond.
Shhh Dating
Although not always is a tipple necessary, and alcohol isn’t on the menu at Shhh’s Cacao ceremony. They run silent speed dating, where eye contact, body language, and a smile are your strongest attributes. Gaze into the windows of your potential beau’s soul, and see if you want to know more.
Good Deed Dating
Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 18.57.50
Everyone wants to date someone good right, and with Good Deed Dating you can. The aim to combine good deeds with great dates, bringing together like minded and big hearted single people to engage in volunteering activities – whilst meeting someone new.
This Valentine’s Day participants helped run an exclusive charity ball in aid of Blurt Foundation and St Mary’s Church, to support, help and inspire people affected by mental health issues, and in the process met some lovely, kind people. (And went bar-hopping before heading to Primrose Hill for some star gazing. Awwww.)
Smudged Lipstick
The Smudged Lipstick crew believe it’s important to meet in person. Genius idea! As they explained, “things like eye contact, tone of voice and body language are all really important” and something that online just can’t help with. Using boardgames like Scrabble, as well life drawing, death by chocolate and other games, they help people focus on having “fun first and finding ‘the one’ second.” It’s the same advice we’ve heard time and time again – once you stop pushing for love and just relax, it might happen.
As the name suggest Slagbox isn’t your usual dating night (in fact its tagline is ‘the dating night for people who don’t like dating nights’). It’s pretty simple, you dance, you scan the crowd, and if you see something you like you write a note for them and put it in the ‘slagbox’ where it’ll get read out by the compere later (if you want). The real pull here is the crowd though; Slagbox’s anti-hearts-and-flowers vibe makes for a pleasingly cynical bunch. If you’re a little more shy though there’s always the slow dance section at the end of the night – many a romance has started there.

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