Featuring innovative design, sustainable practices and community initiatives, Qbic Hotel London opened in October 2013 in a disused office block.

Qbic’s unique concept, paired with low out-lay costs, a strong business model and competitive return on investment, has fast tracked our projected growth plans beyond expectations.

Qbic is curious, imaginative and friendly, and we believe there are lots of people just like us seeking a hotel with personality in their favourite city. The patented Qbi integrated-bed and bathroom unit allows rapid and low cost transformation of spaces into high quality hotel accommodation, making our concept ideally suited for building conversions. We’re currently scaling up and seeking new sites to add to our European portfolio.


How to build a hotel room in 6 hours

With a brand new 4-star hotel in Brussels and two award-winning 3-star hotels in London and Amsterdam, Qbic is a disruptive European urban hotel concept with ambitious and rapid growth plans.

The Qbic build ethos is based around the utilisation of existing building facilities to accommodate hotel developments, and the Qbi is an industry leading, sustainably built, adaptive re-use concept.

Developing Qbic Properties | Have a Building?
Developing Qbic Properties | Have a Building?


Qbic is Expanding

As a wholly owned affiliate of global real estate and hospitality experts Cerberus Capital Management, L.P., we are now looking to acquire hotels for rebranding, purchase buildings suitable for conversion and procure hotel development sites in strong or emerging city locations in the UK and Europe.

We are primarily focused on London where we would like to add further sites to those open and in the pipeline. We are also looking for sites across the rest of Europe, all within the next 3-5 years.


If you have a suitable building or site, or would just like to understand more about our requirement, in the first instance please complete the form below and a member of our property team will get back to you:

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    Developing Qbic Properties | Have a Building?
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