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The ultimate bed

It’s the mother of essentials, the basic of all basics at a hotel: a proper night’s kip. And that means the best bed you’ve ever slept in. Let us introduce you to our handmade, organically produced mattresses made in sunny Devon.

Our friends Mark and Peter at Naturalmat created a mattress just for us, made from recycled denim, organic lambswool and coconut fibre. (Little fact, the Naturalmat was originally made for Mark’s first child, so we’re not exaggerating when we say we genuinely expect you to sleep like a baby.)

It’s hypoallergenic, breathable and wonderfully springy. Your back will be thanking you for days. We’ve had a word with Mark and Peter and they can now make up custom mattresses and toppers for Qbic guests. Just click here.

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Qbic Fun Room With Street View

Free and fast WiFi

Blazing fast internet all over the hotel; in every corner, your room, the lobby, the corridors. What’s the big deal? It’s all very obvious to us. Log on and fill your boots with the internet. We know how important proper internet is to you, so you’ll be pleased to hear we’re working to achieve our ambition to provide the fastest hotel internet anywhere.

A great and green shower

We had a tough ask for the showers in our rooms. They had to be simple to operate with an instant hot jet of water. OK, not too difficult, we hear you say. But our showers also had to do this while being genuinely eco-friendly. So we went searching for how we could have a brilliant shower but didn’t waste tons of water like most hotels. We found a rather efficient system that mixed air into the water. The shower equivalent of having your cake and eating it.

Our organic toiletries are from a company with the rather catchy name Stop-The-Water-While-Using-Me. Not only is there a gentle prod for all of us, the company is involved in lots of great projects to provide clean water to places where it’s most needed.

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Ball bathroom

Spotlessly clean

Our rooms were conceived with cleanliness in mind right from the start, so you’ll notice there aren’t any difficult corners or dirt-friendly materials. Our cleaning ninjas take no prisoners when it comes to cleaning, leaving every room sparkling every time.

We treat you like a proper guest

We know you’re trusting us by putting your stay in the city in our hands. We obviously think you’ve chosen very wisely, but we want you to check in in a flash (30 seconds to be precise – although we might end up chatting with you so don’t hold us to it!) and leave happier than you even hoped. Everyone working at Qbic is one of those people who loves having guests round and being the enthusiastic host, which you’ll probably detect when you meet us.

Our staff have got the inside track on the best places in the area and are there to offer hints and tips.

We’re always eager to accommodate any request and keen to talk (if it’s to hear you let rip on the person you sat next to on your flight, or if we can recommend a film for you to watch or anything else).

Qbic Quintessentials

Free & fast wifi

Get online at double quick speed

Rain shower

A proper shower in every room

Great service

We’re here to make your stay brilliant

The best bed

Handmade, organic and really comfy

Squeaky clean

We dare you to find a more spotless room