Everyone has a dream. Our’s was that we could create something special with the idea of a hotel. A fuzzy idea took shape in our heads; a weird and delightful place that brought people together, fuelled conversation and lived in the heart of a neighbourhood.

We also believe hotels don’t have to clobber the environment and should actually surprise their guests with inventive and practical design. It’s this kind of thinking that has lead us to creating the greenest hotel in London, as well as resetting industry benchmarks for energy consumption, and we won’t stop there…

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Qbic & The Environment

A tiny little environmental footprint, not a great big stomp.

We care deeply about the impact we make on the little square patch around every Qbic hotel as well as the planet.

We don’t pay lip service or tick a box or shirk the tough decisions. From the solar panels on the roof to the chemical-free cleaning products we use, every decision is challenged for its environmental impact, or if there is a greener solution.

How We Became London’s Greenest Hotel How We Became Amsterdam’s Greenest Hotel

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Certified B Corporation®


We are always on the look out for ways that we can make Qbic better. Better for our guests – obviously, but also better for the environment, our community and everyone who makes Qbic the place it is. So its no surprise that one of our proudest accomplishments is becoming a Certified B Corporation®, making us the first hotel to join this dreamy group of businesses doing good in the world.

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Social Impact

Doing Our Bit

Being a responsible citizen extends beyond the environment stuff. We’re extremely proud to be a part of some cracking initiatives.

In London for example, we work with Bikeworks, a scheme that recycles bikes, gets more people cycling and provides the skills to get back into work. We also work with Cafe Art, an organisation that aims to connect people affected by homelessness back into society through art.

Each Qbic Hotel selects a number of social impact groups to work with and support, so you’ll be introduced to someone with good character in each city you visit (which is why we need more Qbic’s in the world!).

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Championing Independents

Weird Is Welcome

We’re curious people, who are always on the move. Some of the most interesting stuff that’s caught our eye over the years has been in little shops on back streets or from unknown designers that are demons at the designing and making but not yet rock stars.

We love them. We wanted to make our hotels places that celebrate some of these cracking discoveries, bringing their work together under one splendidly quirky roof. You’ll see some of the works in our lobbies and even in the rooms, from Dutch designer Sander Bokkinga, StudioKD and SlowWood. We salute these terrific emerging creative talents.

Everything You Would Expect

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