Getting the right bed and mattresses for our rooms was up there as one of our top priorities. What began as an extensive search came to an abrupt end once we had a lie down on a Naturalmat mattress.

It had to deliver on the two big criteria for us. Did it guarantee a deep sleep, and could it fit with our environmental concerns? Two big emphatic ticks!

Naturalmat has been hand crafting natural and organic mattresses from their place on the banks of the river Exe in Devon for the last 15 years. Each mattress is made by hand using incredible raw materials, all from renewable and sustainable sources.

Some hotels make the toiletries available to buy. We reckon you’ll want one of these mattresses for your home. Find out more below about what makes our mattresses so great and click the links to go to Naturalmat to get your very own super sustainable, super comfy natural mattress.

What makes the Qbic bed so comfy?

It's all in the handmade detail...

The Best Bed Ever | Qbic Hotels
The Best Bed Ever | Qbic Hotels

From the bottom up…

The Qbic Bed Base

This Superking size hand-crafted bed base is made with a double sprung beech slat system to give the base proper spring and flexibility and has been robustly constructed. It’s a union of what Qbic and Naturalmat are all about: our basic principles (imaginative design, simplicity and sustainability); and Naturalmat’s skills in creating an outstanding bed. The end product is elegantly functional and sits at the head of our room system, the Qbi.

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The Best Bed Ever | Qbic Hotels
The Best Bed Ever | Qbic Hotels

The secret to your best ever sleep…

The Qbic Mattress

It all comes down to the unique combination of natural fibres and fillings. Organic coir fibre (coconut fibre) makes up the mattress core and provides excellent support and spring. Next, comes the organic latex for its hypoallergenic and naturally breathable properties. Layers of recycled denim (shredded off cuts from jeans) make the mattress feel extra sumptuous. And it’s topped off with certified organic lambswool. Encasing it all together is an anti-bedbug quilted cotton mattress cover… and hey presto, that’s the Qbic Mattress.

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The Best Bed Ever | Qbic Hotels
The Best Bed Ever | Qbic Hotels

The cherry on the topper

The Qbic Mattress Topper

Every bed also gets a Naturalmat mattress topper. It’s made from extra layers of organic wool and gives our bed added comfort. The fillings are quilted and have corner straps to stop the topper from sliding all over the place during the night.

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The Best Bed Ever | Qbic Hotels
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