In the midst of Amsterdam’s business district called ‘Zuidas’ (South Axis), we took the challenge to create a hotel that is exactly the opposite. No concrete jungle, but a green oasis where you can recharge. Once upon a time we invented Qbic as a very smart solution to turn empty office buildings into a hotel in an instance thanks to the all-in-one Qbi that includes bed, bathroom and desk.

We do not claim to be the most eco-friendly hotel out there as we are dependent on the building Qbic is located in. Nevertheless, we do try to make the most sustainable (or greenest) choice whenever we can. We believe that being sustainable isn’t just some marketing word to sell rooms, it is simply something you do. At Qbic Amsterdam we are constantly looking for innovative ways to reduce our impact on the environment and as a guest you play an important role in this initiative. By cultivating awareness amongst our staff and guests we are reducing waste and driving down our energy usage.

Green measures we’ve taken at Qbic

  • We recycle different kinds of waste such as paper, with the help of a partner company. Cartridges, toners and mobile phones are collected for recycling.
  • 98% of the lighting in the hotel is LED and energy efficient.
  • We use self-check-in and check-out kiosks as digital solutions. No paper necessary except a small room slip with some basic hotel information.
  • Guest rooms are fitted with energy-savers: you can only turn on the electricity by using your room card. This way there is no unnecessary use of energy and even the water tap is shut down.
  • There is a cogeneration plant so the building is heated energy efficient.
  • New mattresses come from Auping, the most sustainable mattress company in the country.
  • All our showers cleverly mix in air to reduce water use (without compromising power – don’t worry, it’s still a great rain shower).
  • We stock natural, environmentally friendly toiletries that are not only luxurious, but also help us avoid waste by the use of glass dispensers instead of single packaged items.
  • Our towel and linen reuse programme cuts down on unnecessary washing.
  • We work together with Hotels for Trees to prevent unnecessary room housekeeping during multi-day stays.
  • We use online hotel information instead of old-school hotel information binders you might remember from back in the days.
  • There are no phones present in the room, which makes it one device less that else would have been manufactured or disposed one day. The reception team can be contacted through Whatsapp.
  • On our breakfast buffet, you won’t find single packages items (except for butter) to avoid waste.
  • Qbic hotel Amsterdam is easily accessible by public transport as it’s located next to a train and tram station. Bicycle rental is promoted.
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