Parking at the World Trade Centre

For Qbic guests, parking at WTC costs €34 per 24 hours instead of the regular €75. If you would like to park here simply pay for your parking ticket at the Qbic reception desk. Otherwise you will be charged the higher WTC parking rate.

  • GPS address; Strawinskylaan 241, Amsterdam. Parking head room: 1.80 m.
  • Follow the WTC Parking sign and enter Parking “Visitors”. Take a ticket.
  • Do not use your credit card to enter the parking or you will have to pay the regular fee of €75 per 24 hours.
  • Park your car on level -1, in the spaces marked with F or G.
  • Follow the green lights, and the red WTC signs that point towards the WTC entrance.
  • At the end of the zebra crosswalk you will find the entrance to the WTC building. Take the escalator to the ground floor, and walk out of the building.
  • Take a left, and when you reach the end of the building take a left again.
  • You are now in the correct street: Mathijs Vermeulenpad. You can find the hotel halfway.
  • On your day of departure you can stamp your ticket at the hotel reception. You will pay the discounted rate of €34 per 24 hours.

Kindly keep in mind that you cannot drive the car in  and out of the parking garage without paying an additional fee. Please make sure not to leave any valuable items in your car. Although there is security and camera’s, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Alternative parking

Besides parking in the World Trade Center, you can also find more economical parking options in the area.

RAI Convention Center Parking

  • Address: RAI Convention Center, Europa Boulevard – 1078 GZ Amsterdam
  • RAI website: click here
  • Parking location on Google Maps: click here
  • How to get to the Qbic from RAI parking: click here
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Cycling in Amsterdam

The City is great for walking, but better yet, you could join the hundreds of locals peddling around and explore Amsterdam by bike.

We rent bicycle to our guests for €17 per 3 hours, or €23 per full day. First come first serve. If we happen to be out of bicycles, you could also go to local bike rental company Black Bikes (in Dutch: Het Zwarte Fietsenplan), which is located close to Qbic Hotel.

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