We’ve designed Qbic Amsterdam to be your hub in the city. It’s the place to return to after a gruelling day of work or a sensory overload from eating, drinking, cycling or general Amsterdam adventures.

The living is the perfect place to rest tired limbs, loosen up before a night out, meet a friend or get some work done. Take your pick in the Grab & Go corner in the living while asking our staff for their favourite things to experience in the city. For the fun stuff, Amsterdam is a special place with lots to do, so we’re looking forward to give you some top insider tips on eating, drinking and the several galleries close by, all of which you can explore on foot.

You’ll also see the best of Qbic here of course. That means cosy rooms, beautiful design, a refreshing shower and A-grade service.

Building your Eco-Friendly Room

Developing your Sustainable, Stylish, Crashpad

Have you ever wondered how your hotel room is built, or the environmental considerations factored into the process?

As one of the best modern eco hotels in Amsterdam, we are always mindful at Qbic of the materials we use and how they can be reused moving forward. Reducing our impact on the environment is a big part of our ethos, which is why we have developed a patented technique to allow our team to build your Qbi in the greenest possible way.


Everything You Would Expect

For us, these are just the basics!

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