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Terms & Conditions of Use

La Bergère Hospitality Group b.v. trading under the name of Qbic Hotel WTC Amsterdam strives for accurate control over the information placed on its website on the internet, so that the information is up to date, accurate, factually correct and therefore reliable. Despite constant care and attention to the quality of the content La Bergère Group cannot guarantee that the information will always be necessarily comprehensive, complete, accurate or improved. Therefore no rights can be derived from the website. The owners of the website are not responsible for the consequences of possible deficiencies and/or inadequacies.

On all group offers made and obligations taken upon, both verbally and in writing, the Uniform Conditions for the Hotel and Catering Industry (UVH) are applied as registered with the District Court and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in The Hague. Upon request we will send you an estimate, without charge. You can also find them on this website.

La Bergère Group acknowledges the risks of booking over the internet and does everything within its power to guarantee a safe booking process. If you make a booking through our website you automatically agree to the cancellation policy of the relevant hotel.

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Cookie Policy

On June 1, 2012, a new telecom law was introduced in the Netherlands. Because of this law, every website is obliged to inform the user about ‘cookies’ and to ask permission for their use. The Townhouse website uses cookies.

Cookies are small files that remember your preferences and save them on your computer during surfing. A cookie does not store your name, address, age and other personal data. They only remember preferences and interests based on your surfing habits.

Manage your cookie preferences

Using your browser settings (e.g., Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome) you can set which cookies to accept and reject. It depends on your brand of browser where these settings are located. Using the “Help” function in your browser, you can locate the relevant settings.

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Your details and the purpose of the collection of these details.

Contact details
(Your e-mail address, name, home address, telephone number, etc.)

Your contact details will only be used when you make a reservation. Your contact details will never be sold / offered to third parties.

Booking details
(Hotel name, room type, number of guests, date of arrival, etc.)

Your booking details will only be used at the moment of making your reservation. Statistics in which these details are featured may be used to help us improve our service.

Credit card details
(Type, number and expiry date.)

Your credit card details will only be used in order to guarantee your reservation. These details will be passed on to the hotel and will be kept up to three days after check-out.

Technical details
(Browser type, screen settings, etc.)
Your technical details may be used to help improve our service.

La Bergère Hospitality Group b.v. trading under the name of Qbic Hotel WTC Amsterdam will never offer your details to third parties. Your details will only be passed on to our own hotels for the purposes of completing the reservation. You will only receive a newsletter from us if you have registered for this on our website. We will not send you any unsolicited advertising materials.

The La Bergère Hospitality Group b.v. trading under the name of Qbic Hotel WTC Amsterdam may in certain circumstances be obliged by law to make your details known to other parties.

La Bergère Hospitality Group b.v. trading under the name of Qbic Hotel WTC Amsterdam accepts no liability with regard to the functioning and content of the links posted on this website.

La Bergère Hospitality Group b.v. trading under the name of Qbic Hotel WTC Amsterdam reserves the right to modify or change this statement at any time.

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