How can you ever really get enough of poached eggs, freshly squeezed juice, smoothie bowls, and other breakfast treats? This idea most probably inspired the smart entrepreneurs who invented these all-day breakfast spots. Whether it’s actually morning, afternoon, or even the beginning of the evening… You can have breakfast any time of day at these all-day breakfast spots in Amsterdam.


‘All-day brunch’ is TEDS’ second name. The poached eggs on a croissant are absolutely delightful, just like the pastrami or steak sandwich and the croque monsieur. Prepare to make some choices, because all the other sandwiches on the menu are great as well.

Bakers & Roasters

First of all, we’re going to give you a tip: book in advance at Bakers & Roasters. If you just drop by spontaneously, you might have to wait for up to an hour. Bakers & Roasters has already opened a second location and is really the place to be – and with good reason! To give you a taster: Navajo eggs with pulled BBQ pork, avocado, mango salsa, chipotle cream, and poached eggs. Or perhaps you prefer the classic eggs Benny? It’s especially delicious in combination with a freshly squeezed juice of turmeric, lemon, carrot, and apple. And what about that raspberry chia pavlova pudding… Need we say more?


If you want to play the Instagram game, you simply can’t skip Pluk, which has two locations in and around the enchanting Negen Straatjes area in Amsterdam. Pluk’s unicorn bowls are an absolute hit, followed closely by smoothie bowls, such as the acai bowl, and the tastiest of pies and pancakes. Absolutely everything at Pluk’s is Instagrammable, and you can also shop for all kinds of fun lifestyle gadgets, such as postcards, beautiful glasses and mugs, or fashion accessories.


Dignita is located on the corner of Vondelpark and in the Hoftuin behind the Hermitage, and it has the most delicious brunch menu. The salads are prepared in line with the Ayurvedic medicinal tradition, and there are courgette and chickpea fritters and posh porridge with tarragon sugar, coconut yoghurt, and toasted almonds. You can really taste that Dignita uses responsible and locally produced ingredients as much as possible. In the Hoftuin, they even use products grown in their own vegetable garden. You really don’t have to think twice about eating here!

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