When we’re done working, we love to go out to one of the hundreds of bars Amsterdam has to offer. Whether we’re meeting friends to catch up on gossip, going on a romantic date, or just going out for cocktails until the wee hours, every single area in Amsterdam has plenty of bars for you to discover. These are some of our favourites!

Bar Basquiat – Javastraat 88-90

The neighbourhood of Amsterdam East is quite proud of what it calls ‘the three wise men from the East,’ three entrepreneurs who opened the most successful bars in this part of Amsterdam. It seems like every single new concept they create turns out to be successful and Bar Basquiat is one of them. The name was inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat, an artist and professional rebel who first became famous as  Andy Warhol’s protégé. He was in a relationship with Madonna before she was famous. Unfortunately, he became a member of the club of 27. His legacy of colourful paintings has clearly influenced the bar design. Bar Basquiat is a great place to hang out at any time, as it’s open from 8:00 AM until late in the evening. We especially love their menu, a combination of quirky craft beers (most of which are brewed in Amsterdam), original long drinks and bar snacks with a foreign twist.

Regular & Jack – Vijzelstraat 37

We know we’ve talked about this bar before – and with good reason! If you are looking for a place where you can watch a football, rugby, or any other sports match on great big TV screens, this is the place to be. At Regular & Jack you can enjoy a perfect beer, one of the cocktails on draft (yes, really!), or a delicious drink from their slush machines. That may seem like an odd combination, but we can tell you from experience that you don’t want to miss this place.

SkyLounge Amsterdam – Oosterdoksstraat 4

If you’re looking for someplace a little more elegant, where you can enjoy one of the best views over Amsterdam while drinking a cocktail, you should visit the rooftop bar SkyLounge Amsterdam. It’s located on the 11th floor, so you can imagine why it’s great place to enjoy a sunset.

Bar Bukowski – Oosterpark 10

Remember those ‘three wise men from the East’ we mentioned earlier? Bar Bukowski is another bar started by these three masterminds. When the sun is out you should definitely grab a table on the terrace and order one of their delicious coffees, freshly made juices, healthy sandwiches, or their tarte flambée. See that very first photo above? That’s the Bar Bukowski terrace!

Café de Pels – Huidenstraat 25

We have mentioned the ‘9 straatjes’ (nine streets) neighbourhood of Amsterdam before – it’s a perfect neighbourhood for shopping, enjoying the sights, and having a great cup of coffee or delicious lunch. But why not stick around until after dark and visit one of the area’s  bars? Café de Pels is one of them! It’s a typical bruine kroeg (literally ‘brown café) – the Netherland’s answer to a working-class pub – but it’s also a popular hangout for intellectuals, students, and creative types. Both day and night, it’s a perfect place for a proper chat, meeting new people, a little bit of flirting, or just enjoying hanging out with friends.

Discover the bars and cafés Amsterdam has to offer

Are you looking forward to visiting Amsterdam and discovering the city’s many bars? We have checked out many hot spots personally, so if you want any tips about where to go while you’re staying here, we’ll be happy to give you our must-sees. See you soon!

Photo by Wayne W on Unsplash

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