When you are in the Netherlands, do as the Dutch. There is nothing more Dutch than riding your bike through Amsterdam. It is one of the most fun activities in Amsterdam and very popular among the locals. That is not surprising, a bike is very practical: it’s fast, flexible and easy to park. It is also environmentally friendly. Qbic Hotels stimulates eco-friendly transportation and rents bicycles to all its guests.
Amsterdam is a good place to travel by bike. There are bicycle paths everywhere. You recognize these paths by the red colour or by the figure of a bike. There are also special traffic lights for cyclers, this way you’ll know for sure you are crossing a street when you’re supposed to.

City bike or mountainbike?

Amsterdam hotel Qbic has several types of bikes for rent. There is for example the classic city bike. This bike is a no nonsense bike, elegant and easy to use. It is the perfect choice if you wish to discover Amsterdam. If you wish to ride through the outskirts of the city you better get a hybrid bike or a mountain bike. These bikes have several gears, which is quite handy if you ride through different places.

Cheapest place to rent bikes: Amsterdam Qbic Hotels

There are many places where you can rent a bike. In Amsterdam this is rather expensive. However, renting a bike at Qbic Hotels is cheap. You can rent a bike for 10 euros a day. The bike is at your disposal the whole day. If you wish to rent a bike for more than 7 days, you only pay 10 euros for the first 6 days, after that you only pay 7,15 euros a day. If you need a bike for only a few hours, you can rent the bike for 6 euros. In this case you can use the bike for 3 hours.

New parking place

There is a new parking place at Qbic Hotels. Here you can park your rented bike. The bicycle parking can accommodate a large number of bikes and is rather save. Still, we recommend you to make sure you lock your bike properly.
Qbic hotels is a low budget design hotel in Amsterdam. The hotel is located at Amsterdam WTC, which makes it ideal as well for tourists as for business travellers.

Photo by Mike Jones

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