Ziggo Dome, the new concert hall in Amsterdam will open her doors this summer and celebrates this with some major music events. On 26 and 27 June Peal Jam will bring down the house and if you wish to see Madonna live you can attend one of her concerts on 7 and 8 July. Qbic Hotels Amsterdam has already received the first room reservations for these dates!
Pearl Jam needs no introduction and as for as Madonna is concerned, well, we’ve all hurt our throat once by shouting the chorus of ‘Like a Virgin’. The Sweet and Sticky tour  confirmed that the Queen of Pop is still one of the best entertainers in the world and her concerts in July will surely be huge parties. Especially since they will take place in a new and ultramodern entertainment centre with high quality acoustic.
Unlike other music halls in The Netherlands, the Ziggo Dome focuses on the entire entertainment experience. This means the best service before, during and after the concert. It has for example a grand café where you can get something to drink after the show. The concert hall itself can harbour 15600 visitors and the tribunes contain 800 comfortable seats. The staff of Ziggo Dome has planned some impressive concerts. Madonna and Pearl Jam are the first artists on what is expected to be a long list of impressive names.
We thought we’d warn you right away, since we have already received the first reservations for these dates. Not surprising, for Qbic Hotels Amsterdam is located rather near to the Amsterdam Arena Boulevard, where Ziggo Dome is sited. All it takes is a 5 minutes metro ride and you’re there! So if you are planning on going to one of these concerts and you wish to sleep in Amsterdam, Qbic Hotels Amsterdam is the best place to stay. We recommend you to book soon, for the summer is a busy period in which our rooms are mostly fully booked.
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