Qbic Hotel loves to surprise its guests with special treats. These little details mark the difference between a nice stay and a great stay. We at Qbic Hotels don’t settle for nice at love to bring your stay to the next level with special fun factors.

Looking after goldfish at your hotel room

Indeed, a goldfish. Let’s face it, a hotel room without an animal, is somewhat impersonal. By placing a goldfish you will instantly feel more at home. The little fella will keep you company during your stay. Since we started to provide this service many people have booked a goldfish. Some because they wanted to surprise their partners, others because they simply liked the idea of having a pet in the room. You can book a goldfish during your reservation, but it is also possible to book one at the reception. You can get a goldfish for 3,50 euros.

Social Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the best Amsterdam budget accommodation of all? We surely hope the answer is Qbic Hotel. Anyway, you can leave a review at our social mirror in the lobby. It is an actual mirror (divided in two parts) where you can write something about your stay. Visitors from all over the world have already left a comment. Once in a while we post the comments on Facebook and Twitter, so check out our social media sites. While you’re at it, don’t forget to sign up for our Facebook-account that has already gotten over 2000 likes!
Qbic regularly surprises its guests with remarkable fun factors. Keep an eye on our website for the latest’s extras.
Are you going to spend a few days in Amsterdam and do you wish to stay at a hotel with pets? Qbic is one of the few design budget hotels in Amsterdam where you can book a hotel room with a goldfish!

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