How cool is it to visit more than 50 Amsterdam based museums until 2:00 AM during the annual Museum Night? Of course, seeing the permanent collections and temporary exhibitions is one thing you can do, but Museum Night is more than just visiting a museum after midnight. Much more than that.
You’ll encounter Amsterdam’s museums in a completely new light – after dark! A night at the museum including a wide variety of special events, workshops, concerts, special tours and performances. Tasty food and drink is also on hand to help keep your energy levels up. Since the choice is immense we can imagine you don’t know where to start. Nevertheless, you wouldn’t want to miss the Rijksmuseum’s ‘Night Watch’ by night right? Besides this one we recommend going to the smaller institutions since they shine like a bright star this weekend.
Installation ‘Pure Gold’ is just one example of an amazing meets awkward art installation: at this audiovisual pee installation, peeing is set to a higher level by connecting music, videos and doing one of the most natural things possible. A perfect stop while you’re heading from one museum to another. And what do you think about getting a Marilyn Monroe makeover by students at The New Church? Not to be mentioned the afterparties until late. You can find the entire program on the Museum Night website.
For foreigners it might be harder to get a ticket since you can only pay by using Dutch payment method iDeal, but if you have a Dutch friend who would love to help you get one or more tickets, you definitely have something to thank him or her for.
See you this weekend!

Photo by Liam McGarry on Unsplash

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