Tell us something we don’t know! You only need to look at Qbic hotel’s reservation rate to know that budget design hotels are popular. Qbic is rather proud to be one of these Amsterdam trendy hotels and gladly exposes her facilities.

Comfortable Design

Design is one of our unique selling points. We at Qbic believe that aesthetic has influence on the quality of your sleep. That is why we have chosen for special design with funky lighting. Another element we find important is comfort. We think that the best budget design hotels should have comfortable design. This is why we have provided every room with the best beds available: Hästens beds.

The power of self-service

In order to make a budget design hotel successful you must take a close look at the needs of the guests. What do they really need? Our guests for example, don’t want fancy room service. What they do want is the freedom to take whatever they need at any time. This is why we have chosen for a self-service formula. At our hotel kiosk, guests can get drinks, fruits and snacks from the vending machines at any time of the day.

Free Wi-Fi

Most of our guests travel with portable computers. Being able to have access to Internet is therefore very important. We at Qbic know how frustrating it can be when you cannot surf online to simply check what time the train departs; this is why we offer free WI-FI to all our guests.

Fun Factors

We like to surprise our guests with extra services that spice up their stay. That is why we regularly implement some fun factors. One of our most recent fun factors is the possibility to book a pet during your stay. If you wish to know more about these fun factors, check out our article ‘Looking for a hotel room with a goldfish? Hotel Qbic makes this possible!’
Are you going to spend a few days in the Dutch capital and are you looking for trendy hotels? Amsterdam design hotel Qbic offers the most trendy design rooms at affordable prices. Look at our website for the latest Amsterdam hotel deals.

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