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Qbic Hotel Amsterdam WTC expands with 30 more rooms

3rd April 2014

Renovation Qbic Hotel Amsterdam finished in 3 weeks

kisten-verbouwing-qbic-amsterdamThe renovation of our hotel was finalised three weeks, a record time. This would not have been possible without the smooth collaboration we have with WTC Amsterdam. And let us not forget our new and improved Cubi that has certainly made a great contribution as well. The Cubi works like a construction box, as it allowed us to turn an unfurnished room into a fully-fledged hotel room within a couple of hours.
Not only is the new Cubi quick and easy to install, our technical staff also flew to China to be a part of the production process from the very beginning. With the knowledge and practice they had in China, they were able to realise the renovation by themselves.
Qbic Hotel Amsterdam was the first to present the Cubi concept. Our newest hotel, Qbic Hotel London, now uses this concept as well. But what exactly is a Cubi?

The Cubi, a versatile cube

The Cubi is a cube that is easy to assemble, and it has various integrated functions such as nightstands and night lamps. Behind the bed you will find the bathroom with a rainshower, which is accessible through a sliding door. The kingsize bed is a Hästens or an Eastborn. The compact exterior of the Cubi allows you to have everything at hand and still leaves enough space to walk, even in a relatively small room. Add free wifi to all of this, and you will see that the room leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to comfort!
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No windows, but art on the wall

A special kind of hotel room at Qbic Hotel Amsterdam WTC is our No View Room. Guess what: it’s a room without a view. It doesn’t even have windows. This room might not seem to be the most attractive one, but it certainly is the cheapest room we have to offer at Qbic Hotel Amsterdam WTC. You can book our No View Room from €38 per night.
No worries about the lack of windows in the No View Room. Rising star in designing Ka Lai Chain designed the light art Lighterdam, which makes up for the fact that the room has no view. This functional piece of art consists of only one electric cable which is shaped into a lamp, and forms a characteristic Amsterdam city view on the wall. To be found exclusively at Qbic Hotel Amsterdam WTC.
Looking for a cheap Amsterdam hotel or a comfortable alternative to a hostel in Amsterdam? Be sure to visit our brand new website and book your stay online. Visiting London for the weekend? Visit and stay in the most exciting hotel of this metropolis.
See you soon!
Team Qbic Hotel Amsterdam WTC

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