Did you know that Amsterdam is home to two cocktail bars that have been listed as being in the top 50 best cocktail bars in the world? This new list was only recently announced. But besides these two contemporary hotspots, there are many other bars in the city where you can enjoy the art of mixology. For all you cocktail connoisseurs, we have especially compiled a list of all our favourite locations.

Door 74

If you have little interest in cocktail bars you would simply stroll past the secret door. However, if you have the telephone number that grants you entrance, you will enter into a classy and dark interior with jazzy music playing in the background. It’s a recipe for success. Door 74 deserves its ranking at number 33 on the world rankings of best cocktail bars. Be sure to always make reservations ahead of time so that you can be sure of getting in.


On the ground floor you will find the restaurant where you can enjoy the best spareribs that you have ever tasted. When you descend the stairs that lead to the cocktail bar, you will understand where the name Mystique finds its origin… Mysterious is certainly the right word. It’s dark and it’s classy, and the black mirror ceiling blurs the distinction between day and night. The extremely long bar with its very impressive back bar immediately lets you know that this is the place to live out your cocktail fantasies. At the back are some super-comfy sofas, arranged around the fireplace; the perfect place to spend an evening lounging and sipping cocktails with your friends.

Tales & Spirits

At number 30 on the world rankings of the top 50 best cocktail bars is Tales & Spirits. Here you are served cocktails with a tale. So don’t be surprised if your cocktail comes accompanied with a funny little idiosyncrasy or is even brought to your table with some pomp and flair. The ‘What if’ counter reflect several thousand ‘What if’ moments… If you take a solitary seat at the bar you are assured of an interesting conversation with one of the friendly and spontaneous bartenders at Tales & Spirits. If you start to feel a little peckish, indulge in the crispy chicken. It’s a favourite!

Regular & Jack

This might seem like the ‘odd one out’ in our list of cocktail bars. This is a welcoming bar with sports as its central theme and this is what makes Regular & Jack the best of both worlds. While it is not a high-end bar, they like to experiment with cocktails made in slush machines, large bottles, or from the beer tap. Seems a little odd? Well, we can tell you from experience that this experimentation has delivered some great results. This is the perfect place to bring all those friends who want to drink something different, whether it’s a simple beer, a long drink, or a cocktail, and they can all be enjoyed while getting into that live-broadcast sports match.

Hiding in Plain Sight (HPS)

At HPS you might feel like you’ve been transported back in time into the roaring 1920s with its speakeasy-style interiors with Art Deco chandeliers, a cosy atmosphere, and crystal glasses. The menu has all the classics and a few added extras that are all combined with a healthy dose of humour. While this is not a bar that you simply happen upon during a stroll in the city, it is absolutely worth the effort of a visit!


This hidden gem located at Geldersekade has only recently opened its doors for business but has already been nominated for the title of Best Cocktail Bar by Dutch hotel and catering magazine, Entree Magazine. This nomination is well deserved! The three-tiered menu is divided into distinct themes named after famous Dutch personalities. The Johan Cruijff menu, named after the famous Dutch footballer, is light and quick. The Ivo Niehe menu, named after the famous Dutch media personality, has the types of cocktails that are always simply superb. Finally, the André Hazes menu, named after the popular Dutch singer and working class hero, has cocktails that reflect the singer’s style and are deep and full of meaning. If you start to feel a little hungry, the restaurant above the bar, Geisha, serves the most divine Asian-style bar food.
There are enough options here to spend your evening tasting cocktails, and this list is only the tip of the iceberg of Amsterdam’s mixology scene. Cheers! Enjoy your drink.
Team Qbic Hotel WTC Amsterdam

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