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Shopping Near Qbic Amsterdam At Amsterdam Zuid-WTC train station

30th November 2012

Amsterdam Zuid-WTC station has a new look. The train station near Qbic Hotel Amsterdam now contains several shops and restaurants. Here below is an overview of the new facilities.

Starbucks in Amsterdam Zuid

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got him; the latest Starbucks store. Starbucks is no doubt the best-known coffee chain in the world. Here you can choose from a wide range of coffees, varying from café lattes with flavour to special frappuccino’s. The Starbucks at station Amsterdam Zuid-WTC has several seats where you can relax and drink your coffee while you wait for your train to arrive.

Etos in Amsterdam Zuid

Have you forgotten your razors or do you just need a deodorant? At the Etos store you can quickly buy several care products, which is rather handy if you are travelling. At Etos you can get hair products, perfumes, make-up and candy.

Paperchase Amsterdam Zuid

You are on your way to a conference and have everything you need with you … except a pen and a notepad. Fortunately the Amsterdam Zuid-WTC station has a Paperchase shop. Here you can buy every office supply you need. Paperchase sells notepads, calendars, wrapping paper, pens, bookmarks, calendars, etc.

Rituals Amsterdam Zuid

It is difficult to buy a nice gift at an average station. Fortunately this is not the case at Amsterdam Zuid-WTC. Here you will find a Rituals store. Rituals is a popular brand that sells Ayurveda based care products, such as perfumes and lotions.

Sissy Boy Amsterdam Zuid

If you need an extra sweater or you just want to buy some candles then you can go to the Sissy Boy store at Amsterdam Zuid. This Dutch company doesn’t only sell clothing, but also lifestyle products. So if your train is delayed, just go shopping at the Sissy Boy store at Amsterdam Zuid-WTC!
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