Qbic Hotel draws its energy partly from solar panels. These are located at the A-tower of the Amsterdam WTC building, the same tower where Qbic Hotel is stationed. The use of solar energy fits the strategy of the hotel for sustainable entrepreneurship.

Sustainability Plan for World Trade Centre Amsterdam

The solar panels are part of a sustainability plan for the entire Amsterdam World Trade Centre. The long-term purpose is to equip the whole building with sustainable energy. In order to determine what would be most effective, there have been experiments with wind turbines and solar panels.

WTC Amsterdam sustainability: Wind power versus solar energy

In 2010, two wind turbines have been placed at the H-tower of the Amsterdam WTC. These wind turbines generate 3,945 kWh annually. A year later 55 solar panels were placed at the A-Tower. The 55 solar panels combined generate 15,951 kWh per year. Since the solar panels produce much energy, the number of panels has been expanded to 147. In 2013 the building will be provided with vertical panels.
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