When staying overnight at a hotel, do you sometimes really feel like just picking up a takeaway somewhere and eating in the comfort of your room or enjoying your meal in a lovely place outside somewhere instead of going out to eat? In Amsterdam you are certainly spoilt for choice with the array of top-spots for takeaways that cater to every food craving. They are so good that there seems to be little difference between getting takeaways and going out to eat. Healthy food is certainly very popular and there are plenty of spots to get some takeaway juices, salads, and other sensible food choices. We have drawn up our top five favourites for you, but there are many other places to enjoy. You are welcome to ask us about other takeaway options when you are visiting Amsterdam!t!

The Foodhallen

We have mentioned this gem before in our list of our favourite affordable restaurants in Amsterdam. This is the indoor food market in Amsterdam-West where you can find a spot to eat or get some takeaways to indulge in at home. Whether you’re craving some Vietnamese street food or fancy a steak sandwich; the choice is yours! Just be ready to face a tough decision when you see all the delicious options available.

Foodhallen Amsterdam | Bellamyplein 51


Imagine a spelt lasagne with baby leaf spinach, coconut yoghurt with granola and raspberries, date and walnut bars, or a quinoa salad with beetroot and you will have an idea of the cuisine available for takeaway at STACH. Good to know: The bicycle courier from STACH can deliver your order.

STACH | Six different locations in Amsterdam. See stach-food.nl for further information.


‘All you’ll find at SLA are salads, juices, soups, and snacks so full of flavour that you’d forget that they’re really healthy too. Without all the extra frills, we just eat.’ That’s what’s SLA is all about. You can put together your own salad or choose one of SLA’s favourite salads. Those with a sweet tooth can take home a guilt-free piece of their healthy raw raspberry and lime cheesecake.

SLA | At five different locations in Amsterdam. See ilovesla.com for further information.

Friterie Par Hasard

This takeaway is a little different from the previous healthy takeaway tips we have given above. Friterie Par Hasard has the best chips in Amsterdam, even if we say so ourselves. This takeaway is located in Amsterdam-Zuid in the De Pijp district, not too far from Qbic. The menu has some traditional Dutch favourites such as chips, frikandellen (a type of deep-fried sausage), and kroketten (a croquette filled with a smooth ragout). But the true delights are the Limburg zuurvlees (a fragrant meat stew sweetened with syrup and a regional speciality from the province of Limburg), Luikse ballen in a veal jus (Liège meatballs in a veal gravy), and home-made mayonnaise.

Friterie Par Hasard | Ceintuurbaan 113

De vegetarische traiteur

This place is a treasure-trove for vegetarians! You can get vegan meatballs, the famous Dutch bitterballen (small, deep-fried croquettes filled with a smooth ragout), hamburgers, sausages, and salads. It might look like meat, but it’s all made from pure, responsible, vegetarian products.

De vegetarische traiteur | Rozengracht 217

These are only five of many different places where you can get divine takeaways. Amsterdam is dotted with takeaway food hotspots so, wherever you might find yourself in Amsterdam, you can satisfy any culinary craving!

Photo by Colynary Media on Unsplash

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